Clothes look better when they fit you perfectly, custom-fitting tailoring will do any body type justice. It goes a long way with improving your appearance. Your measurements will be accurately taken in store, and we will proceed from there.



Custom fitted suits can be made to any measurements, in any color you need. Suits can be matched with other clothing or accessories that compliment it.


We can tailor pants of many different materials to custom fit you. You can bring your own measurements or we can measure you in-store.


From dress shirts to t-shirts, and from cotton to wool, anything can be tailored to your body.

Sport Coats

A sport coat that fits you perfected can be achieved through our tailoring methods. Get measured and fitted in-store.



We not only tailor and do alterations, we sell clothes too. The clothing that we sell in store can be altered to your needs as well. Everything is priced reasonably.


We sell dress shirts of many sizes, brands, and fabrics, come in and see what you like.


From slacks to dress pants, we sell them here with a variety of colors, sizes, and brands. 


Two, and three piece suits are also in-store. We carry many different styles from two-button and three-button.



If you already have clothes that you own but they need some minor adjustments here and there, then you've come to the right price. Our alterations are of the highest precision and quality. Besides a better fit, you wouldn't be able to tell they were altered.


We alter many different things, and wedding dresses and tuxedos are included in that. We know how special your big day is and we go out our way to make you look special with a dress that fits you perfectly.


A great fitting pair of jeans can improve your wardrobe so much, if your jeans are too long, or too short, bring them in and we'll see what we can do.


We can also alter not just clothe, but leather as well. Any leather goods can be altered to your liking.

Lost/Gained Weight

If you have a favorite pair of jeans, or a lucky shirt, but you've lost some weight, or even gained some weight, bring in your clothing! We can take new measurements and adjust your clothes accordingly.


We tailor both men and women's clothing, including dresses and skirts.


We can alter almost anything. Just bring it in and we can continue from there.

Tuxedo Rental

If you have a big day coming up, but you don't want to pay thousands for a tuxedo, you can rent one.



We have tuxedos of many different sizes, styles, and fabrics. We have a collection of them that you can look from.